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stefan_elena's Journal

Stefan & Elena Community
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The first and only community for Stefan & Elena from The Vampire Diaries

Elena Gilbert is a beautiful and popular high school student in the small town of Fell's Church. Stefan Salvatore is her new mysterious classmate, and when he isn't charmed by her wiles, Elena swears that she'll conquer him. With her determination Elena eventually discovers his secret; Stefan is a centuries-old vampire, and he was trying to avoid Elena because she looks very much alike his first love, Katherine, that commited suicide shortly after turning him and his brother into vampires, because they wouldn't share her. As Elena and Stefan fall in love, strange attacks occur in the town and Stefan's brother Damon appears, stating that he wants Elena for himself. The brothers fight once again over the same woman and when Stefan dissapears Elena seeks Damon, believing he is responsible.

Elena confronts Damon in the graveyard accusing him of Stefan's dissaperance. He claims that they fought, but Stefan was alive when he left and he didn't kidnapped him. She and her friends keep looking for him and after a vision of Elena's friend Bonnie, they found him in a well, near death,so Elena gives him her blood in order to save him. Without his knowledge, because she knows he wouldn't approve, Elena also exchanges blood with Damon, after he threatens to harm her family and she's now tied to both brothers, as their former lover Katherine was a century ago. While waiting for Stefan one night, Elena feels that a presence inside the storm is coming after her and tries to escape by crossing the bridge over the town's river, but the car falls into the river and she drowns.

Stefan finds Elena dead and believes that Damon killed her, so they start to fight until Elena awakens and attacks him; she is a vampire and she thinks she's in love with her maker, Damon, an attitude that breaks Stefan's heart. However, they all stick together in order to find the real killer and they end up in Honoria Fell's tomb where it's revealed that it was Katherine; she never commited suicide, only faked it, in the hope that the brothers would make peace. She came seeking revenge because they didn't and is jealous of Elena that now holds their love. She tortures them and it ends when Elena sacrifices herself in order to kill her. Elena's dying wish is for the brothers to promise that they'll take care of each other; with her last words she tells Stefan she loves him and she's sorry she hurt him.

Elena's friends contact her using an Ouija board and she tells them that Fell's Church and them are in danger from a dark power that's arriving. Before the contact is interrupted she manages to give them information in order to summon Stefan to help. When he and Damon arrive, they come accross a werewolf and the revelation that a powerful vampire, Katherine's maker, wants to wreak havoc upon the town. They fight him and when they are in the verge of death, Elena appears with an army of ghosts and defeat him; then she sacrifices her gift of being able to exist in this world as a spirit in order to heal her loved ones. She dissolves while Stefan calls out in agony, but suddenly reappears on the floor in her human form and reunites with Stefan exchanging words of love.

Elena has returned from the dead with super human powers that make her blood irresistible to vampires. Stefan wants to protect her but is lured away from Damon's scheme to make Elena his princess of darkness. But before he has a chance to convince her, the very evil he made a deal with to dispose of Stefan begins to attack Fell's Church using an insect that can possess anyone and desires Elena's death. As it starts to control the town and even Damon, Stefan dissapears and Damon changes Stefan's note for Elena, so instead of a warning that if he dissapears Damon is behind it, Elena reads that Stefan left for her own protection. In the end the insect is defeated and Elena, Damon and Matt set off to find where the mastermind behind all this has hidden Stefan.
.♥. This is obviously a Stefan/Elena shippers community, so we do not tolerate any flaming against the couple, the characters and the actors that represent them.
.♥. Even if you have different views with someone, there is no need to bash that person. Any non-civilized attitude toward another member will result in your banning.
.♥. All entries must be relavant to Stefan/Elena and the actors. You are free to post icons, graphics, fanfiction etc, as long as image-heavy and long entries are under an LJ-cut.
.♥. Any spoilers/rumors/speculations must be under an LJ-cut and there must be fair warning for those who want to stay spoiler-free.

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